3 Tips To Find The Best Property Letting Agent

According to the figures published by the Office of National Statistics in England and Wales, over 36 per cent of households were rented and not owner occupied in 2013. The figures for 2015 are higher still.

The market for renting out residential property has increased manifold in recent years. Rental properties are now scaling up the charts increasingly and professionals are increasingly approaching letting agents in Crawley for their needs. As a homeowner, on the other side of the spectrum, it makes good sense to have a few handy tips when zeroing in on a letting agent in Crawley.

Here are Few Tips for Property Letting Agent in Crawley.

  • Check the location of the agent before you finalize him for the service. It makes absolute sense to have one enlisted from the same area rather than go scouting in all different directions. In Crawley, like in other areas of England, there are several letting agents working in divisions of estate agencies. Seek one who is well established are preferably owns their own office. That way you will know they are not going anyway and have significant financial assets to address any issues that may arise.
  • Use an agent that protects deposit in a custodial scheme as it shows that they have no intention to use the cash deposit. Many agents use insurance backed schemes that mainly protect the tenant and can leave a Landlord high and dry. In our view there is no good reason not to use a fully protected custodial scheme. This is crucial as the conduct of the letting agent is key to minimizing your risk.
  • Finalize a letting agent that offers the maximum service levels. For most letting agents in England, there are 3 levels of service that is offered. Some are on level 1 which only finds the tenant for a rent. The next level is one which fully manages the property and finds the tenant. If the agent services on level 3, the agent also guarantees the rent. Full management involves everything from the start to the finish and will rid you of any headaches that come with renting out a place.
  • Choose a letting agent who is capable and will handle all the paperwork on your behalf. He or she should take up the credit checks, the employment details of the client and the right to reside in the UK. He or she will also draw up the tenancy agreement which will require the gas and electrical safety checks. You should also approach an agent that will get the Energy Performance Certificate or the EPC on your behalf for the property and give it to the prospective client.
  • Local independent Agents we local knowledge is keys and to ensure competent service they ideally should have in house legal and accounting departments. These professional are not cheap and therefore an agent offering discounted service fee will potentially not have the skills required to deal with managing the property. So do not have your head turned by low fees in the long run they can be very expenses.

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