Tips To Buy The Most Affordable Home In The Crawley

Buying a home in the UK may be a tough task indeed! For most of us, it involves investing all of your life’s savings. It is a big purchase that needs careful consideration and the assistance of an experienced professional estate agent is essential. If you have a house buying battle plan, it makes sense to do with some tips and tricks to buy the best property in Crawley & West Sussex. If you want to buy from the best Estate Agent in Crawley West Sussex, you should read on.

1. Home prices have been steadily rising in the UK. The prices of buys have shot through the roof in most areas. As a buyer, you need to concentrate whether the buy is affordable and not wait for prices to “cave in” in the future. You have to watch for the bigger picture and analyze the risks before you get on to the housing ownership ladder.

2. Understand your mortgage risks and know what your savings are actually. There are several government schemes which allow for a 5 per cent put down. There are many borrowers that pay a hefty premium though! Deals are done at about 10 to 15 per cent and go up to about 25 per cent. You need to know what suits you best.

3. If you are a first time buyer, you get all that it takes from the government. At least 3000 pounds are paid by the government if you save with Help to Buy ISA. All you need to do is save 200 pounds each month and the government will add about 25 per cent on top of that. You also save about 1000 pounds when you first open it and this means saving 1200 pounds on the first month and 300 pounds extra! The government will contribute a maximum of 3000 pounds and you have saved 12,000 for your first home. An average of 4 years is needed to reach this level and the scheme took off this autumn, in 2015.

4. Finally, there are additional costs once you are in the process of buying.  You can expect a mortgage arrangement fee that needs to be paid to your lender. This varies from 1000 pounds to higher and is nonrefundable. The purchase sometimes falls through but you have to pay some the fee nevertheless! With a Professional Selling Agent the risk is reduced and with Platinum Estates the number of accepted offers that do not result in you moving in one tenth of the national average. As experience progress chaser is essential.

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