Don’t believe the scare stories; in or out of EU

Don’t believe the scare stories we remain a great country whether in or out of EU #Brexit

There is no Economic downside to an exit. Particularly when we have a trade deficit with the EU, they need us more and therefore trade deals with be in there interest. The scare stories that exporting will be more difficult are just wrong both from an academic or common sense perspective.

Specifically to the property market UK will remain a safe haven and the only affect will be reduced immigration. Reduced immigration will only affect the unregulated room rental market which will only be beneficial as there will be less slum style properties in our towns.

Local Businesses are Better for the Local Community

With Multi-national in the news and their use of complex tax strategies to pay little Tax never has it been more important to support your local independent business. Remember Independent Estate Agents are local businesses and their profit stay in the local community. All people working at Platinum Estates live and spend they earning in Crawley.

Keeping Money in the Local Area; as Local Businesses are Far Better for the Local Community.

Keeping Money in the Area

Another advantage of local businesses is that more of the money spent at a local business stays in the local area. A study done in 2003 in Austin, Texas, by the American Independence Business Alliance found that out of every $100 spent at a nationwide chain store, only about $13 stayed in the local economy. However, out of every $100 spent at a locally owned and operated business, about $45 stayed in the local economy. This provides a huge boost to other local businesses, workers and families in the local area.

Buy Local — Support yourself: Several studies have shown that when you buy from an independent, locally owned business, rather than a nationally owned businesses, significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses, service providers and farms — continuing to strengthen the economic base of the community.(Click here to see summaries of a variety of economic impact studies; these include case studies showing that locally-owned businesses generate a premium in enhanced economic impact to the community and our tax base.)