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Why use a Specialists Sellers? – Working solely for you the seller, with no vested interest or prioritised buyers; we find the best buyer for you.  All buyers are treated equally and fairly.  This is the most important factor; see documents of interest for more details.

Why use an Independent Agent? – This means you get highly experience professionals in the office to advise you & you will be a name and not a number. Fees are not added to cover the costs of corporate fat cats & shareholders.

Why use a traditional Estate Agent and not just an advertiser– Firms that offer upfront fees have no motivation to sell your property for best price. They are in our view just charging you to advertise in a similar way to putting an advert in the paper. They are not a traditional motivated sales professional & are not value for money; see documents of interest for more details.

 How do you sell in the required Time frame? – You require a professional valuation designed to achieve you the highest possible price within your required the time frame. Also see our free online valuation tool. (Note this is a statistical valuation based on Land register data & average growth. It can seriously be affected by right to buy and other discounted sales). It does not replace a face to face valuation, SO DO  CALL to arrange one.